Federal Registration of a Trademark

Federal Registration of a Trademark

An Application for Federal  Registration of a Trademark can be filed online with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

There are two (2) types of applications: a Use Application and Intend to Use Application.

There are the three (3) different Application forms and different payment options.

A Trademark search should be performed before filing an Application. It is a diagnostic.

There are two types of searches: a Federal and a Common Law search.

The USPTO website provides access to federal filings and searching capabilities of its database. It does not, however, contain a common law Trademark database.

Filing an Application without having a search performed is like “shooting in the dark.”

According to the USPTO, “Because searching is very complex, you should seriously consider hiring a Trademark attorney to assist you with a ‘full’ or ’comprehensive’ Trademark search.


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