Rhode Island Probate & Estate Planning

Probate in Rhode Island is a court directed process used whenever someone dies; unless they have established their estate in such a way that they may avoid probate. A RI Probate and Estate Planning attorney could assist you in this matter.

For those who die with a Will in RI, or testate, the process involves proving to the Probate Court that the assets of an estate are protected, that all debts, claims, and taxes owed are payed, and that any remaining property is passed directly to the rightful heirs.

The Will generally names an executor or executrix – a person named by the deceased to administer and manage the process of probate. Very few people endeavor to undertake this task without the express guidance and expertise of a Probate Attorney. The process can be long and involved and having an attorney to help you file the many necessary forms and adhere to the court dates can be a great relief. The executor or executrix will be formally appointed by the court and your attorney will be able to guide you through whatever is required to close the estate and distribute any remaining assets to the proper heirs.

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