Collection Defense

Collection Defense

According to current surveys, seventy-eight (78 %) percent of full-time workers state that they live paycheck to paycheck. Other surveys have concluded that persons over fifty (50) years of age have an unprecedented amount of debt.

These circumstances can lead to greater financial difficulties and result in activity initiated by creditors to collect a debt, mostly credit card debt. If these efforts are unsuccessful, a lawsuit is frequently filed to collect the money claimed to be owed by the debtor.

A person seeking to file bankruptcy is likely to have been sued in at least one collection matter.

The Law Office of Henry V. Boezi III, P.C. almost always negotiates very favorable monthly payments for those of our clients who do not dispute the validity of a debt, and has done so in numerous cases.

If our client disputes the debt, however, we will assert and use any applicable defense he or she may possess in defending the collection matter for them.

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