Long-Term Care Planning Article by R.J. Connelly III, Esquire

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Excerpt from “The Importance of Advance Directives” “A complete and comprehensive estate plan should also include advance care directives as a part of long term care planning. This portion of the estate plan is crucial to ensure that individuals get the medical care that they want when they are unable … Continue reading

Probate – Choosing an Executor for Your Will

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It may seem a simple choice of someone you like, but choosing an executor for your Will involves some criteria that you should adhere to for the best results. Your executor will be responsible for filing several documents with the court, including an inventory. They will also be required to … Continue reading

Guardian Ad Litem in Rhode Island

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A Guardian Ad Litem is an individual attorney appointed by the Probate Court to help determine the validity of a Petition for Guardianship in Rhode Island. The proposed ward is interviewed by a medical professional, and a Decision Making Assessment Tool (DMAT) is completed. The Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) then … Continue reading

Represented Chinese Company in Trademark Infringement Case

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Last week, Attorney Boezi and Attorney Carl Levin of Gilstein, Kinder & Levin, LLP finalized an equitable resolution to a trademark infringement case for their client, a company located in the Zhejiang Province in the People’s Republic of China. The case involved Luxottica Group and Ningbo Damiser Trading Company, Ltd., … Continue reading

Is The ‘Flip-Phone’ Set to Make a Comeback?

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In two separate incidents this week, both Apple and Samsung applied for flip-phone technology patents with the US Patent Office. The Samsung version would have two large displays separated by a foldable metal strip. The Apple version would theoretically allow the screen to be folded in on itself, eliminating the … Continue reading

CASE Act Proposes Small Claims Court for Copyright Infringement

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A Representative from New York and another from Pennsylvania are proposing the “Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement Act (CASE)” that would allow artists, musicians, and other creatives an alternative to filing an infringement claim. The proposal calls for the establishment of a Copyright Claims Board that would oversee infringement … Continue reading

Samsung to Patent a New ‘Folding Electronic Device’?

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Destined to become Samsung’s new Galaxy X, the patent design sketches show a smart phone with a foldable display. The design has been in the works for some time. The phone has already received “certification in South Korea as well as received Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification”. It will probably be … Continue reading

Amazon Files for Patent Allowing Drones to Recharge Electric Cars

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“Picture this: An electric car becomes too critically low in charge to reach its destination, so it contacts an automated dispatch center. Some time later, a little battery-carrying drone meets up with the car en route, connecting with a roof-mounted interface on the vehicle, providing extra charge to the vehicle … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Filing Limitations – Corporations

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“In order to file for bankruptcy, a corporate entity must be legally authorized to do so. Whether the bankruptcy petition has been duly authorized is governed by state law and often depends on the entity’s governance documents. If a petition has not been properly authorized, creditors may seek its dismissal.” … Continue reading