The Law Office of Henry V. Boezi III, P.C. has been representing and providing legal advice to various corporations and individuals in Rhode Island for more than 30 years. From intellectual property matters (such as trademark and copyright searches and registrations, patent searches, trademark infringement litigation and domain name disputes), to areas such as Probate, Decedent's Estates, Guardianships, Wills, and Powers of Attorney, Bankruptcy and Collection Defense, Attorney Boezi has assisted many clients in Rhode Island.

What Makes Us Unique

Attorney Boezi is not like some of the other lawyers you see in Rhode Island. You will not see him on a billboard or a television ad. In fact, when someone says that he is a lawyer, he replies that he is a man who practices law. Connecting with his Clients is very important to him. Providing personal service and establishing long-standing relationships with Clients are Attorney Boezi’s principal focus. This is why listening and learning about the relevant circumstances of each Client’s situation, not just the legal issues, are important to him.

Attorney Boezi does not deliver a standard answer, and he says that sometimes the optimal legal solution is not the best solution because the best solution has to reflect the Client’s individual situation. For example, in bankruptcy, although a Client may be eligible to file, finding alternatives is more important to that Client when he or she values an asset that will be lost in Chapter 7 (for example, the Client’s parents’ home, which would be lost in a bankruptcy because it is not the Client’s residence). The answers to the questions, “What do you have?” and “What do you want to keep?” should be used for more than determining eligibility to file for bankruptcy protection.

This level of understanding is exactly why he takes the time to listen to his Clients. It is the only way he can find out what the problem is and convey his Client’s story to get the best resolution. He enjoys bringing people together, strategizing, negotiating, and figuring out the best solution for his Clients. And he is happy to say that many of his Clients have become his friends. He loves doing this work and helping each Client execute the best solution for his or her situation.

Patent Searches

One example of the personalized service that Attorney Boezi provides is the Interactive Patent Search, a concept that he created. By integrating the Patent Search with the design process, he has developed this unique way of performing Patent Searches. After meeting with the Client to understand his or her invention, Attorney Boezi performs a Preliminary Patent Search. Then, he meets with the Client again, gives the Client copies of all relevant Patents found and they review them together. This allows the Client to decide whether to have the Patent Search completed, to modify his or her design before doing so, or to go no further because one or more of the Patents found is too similar to his or her invention.

If the latter occurs, and it does occasionally, the Client learns about similar patents much earlier than he or she would have if a Patent Search had been conducted in the usual manner – which equates to paying the full amount upfront and receiving the results when it is completed without any discussion between the searcher and the inventor. Attorney Boezi’s interactive method could easily translate into saving hundreds of dollars.


Attorney Boezi established this practice in 1992 after being employed in a small firm and sharing space with several attorneys, and years of acting as an advisor to several areas of the Rhode Island government. For 25 years, he has been a member of the Rhode Island Bar Association House of Delegates. He was the Chairperson of the Confidential Assistance Committee, now called Lawyers Helping Lawyers. He is the Chairperson of the Fee Arbitration Committee, having been so since 2007. He also represents such organizations as the Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island, Ocean State Animal Coalition, Touro Fraternal Association, Historical Construction Equipment Association and the Rhode Island Builders’ Association. Since 2000 he has served on the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee (UPLC) of the Rhode Island Superior Court, and is currently a participating member in both SPROUT and the Business Advisors Collaborative (BAC) in Rhode Island.

Attorney Boezi has a law degree from Suffolk University Law School and a Master of Intellectual Property degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center.

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