Law Office of Henry V. Boezi III, P.C.

Why Hire Us

In order to serve Clients well, The Law Office of Henry V. Boezi III, P.C. needs to understand all the relevant circumstances presented by their matter, not just the legal issues, in all the areas of its practice: Copyrights, Patents (searches and licensing), Trademarks, Domain Names, Probate, Decedent's Estates, Guardianships, Bankruptcy, Collection Defense.

We want our Clients to be satisfied after we perform services for them. Sometimes, the optimal legal solution is not the best solution. It has to reflect the client's individual situation. Therefore, we take time to know and understand our Clients. Our goals are to do the work we love to do, to help people and make a living. We serve individuals and businesses that are located throughout the United States, performing all necessary services at modest rates.

Who We Are

The Law Office of Henry V. Boezi III, P.C. has represented and provided advice to various corporations and individuals in Rhode Island for more than 30 years. From intellectual property matters, such as trademark and copyright searches and registrations, patent searches, trademark infringement litigation, and domain name disputes, to areas such as Probate, Decedent's Estates, Guardianships, Wills, and Powers of Attorney, we have assisted many clients in Rhode Island. We listen carefully to each of these clients, providing them with excellent personal service. We have numerous long-lasting relationships with our clients, many of whom we consider to be our friends.

If you need the assistance of a Rhode Island Intellectual Property, Probate, or Bankruptcy Attorney, contact us today.

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